How to include 2 installers(msi) in one installer(msi)?

I have made two installers for two different applications ie. msi files. Now I want to make a single .msi file which  installs these two applications.

Any help is appreciated.



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You can create a master MSI then executes the 2 other MSIs. 

1/5/2008 11:35:58 PM

Currently I am doing the way you suggested.
It will install the things.
But how the uninstall will performed.
If the user uninstall the mater Setup then it should uninstall the child installers too.

How this will work?


N@vEeD Kh@N
1/7/2008 10:54:55 AM

here is a Good Article

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1/7/2008 5:10:59 PM

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