How to deploy .net project via 'copy project' in Visual Studio from your local machine to your web development server

Hi ,
My IT Director has resigned and I am stuck in the middle of doing his all tasks. For safety reason we removed all functionalities from the developers to deploy any project and only given to IT director. He refuse to help me as he is having problem with the management. I have got a video tutorial for deplying project but not very helpful.

Would any body kindly describe the steps required to setup a .net project or any tutorial can be recommended. I have setup website in IIS and pressing 'Copy Project' button in visual studio .net. The dialog box comes and ask me destination project folder to enter like
http://yourprojectname. I press ok and the error message comes as 'Unable to create Web project 'x'. Not Found'.

Can any body help me please on how to deploy in window 2003?

Many Thanks

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I'm having a similar problem. When I go to the 'Copy Project' option, the first thing is 'Destination Project Folder' and when I navigate to my web server, inetpub, wwwroot, the folder I want my website in, it gives me the following message.

Microsoft Development Error
You must enter a valid destination URL to copy the project.

I don't really have any experience in the deployment of projects. If anyone has any idea why this is happening I'd really appreciate some guidance.
2/21/2006 2:51:11 PM

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