Help - "Installation Incomplete" When Installing Web Application


1) I have created a web deployment package (called LDD_WebSetup.msi and related exe
file). I deployed the web application to the server (SPC7Server) and it worked fine. This
was four weeks ago.
2) I made changes to some Crystal Reports and recompiled the web application on my
development computer. Everything works fine. So I rebuilt the deployment package.
3) I copy the web deployment package created in 2) above to SPC7Server . I unstalled the
web application that was installed in 1) above four weeks ago
(thru Add/Remove Programs). Then I installed the web application using the installation
package created in 2) above. However I got this error message: Installation Incomplete.
The details given were:

"The installer was interrupted before LDD_WebSetup could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again."
I tried every options (including rebooting the server) I could think of to overcome this problem but to no avail. So I use the same deployment package created in 2) above to install the web application on a different Server (SPC5Server) and everything works fine.
Does anyone have any idea how I can overcome this error?.
Thanks in advance.
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Remove the LDD_WebSetup from Registry. if you have Norton Windoctor you can check the Registry using that before. Remove the LDD_WebSetup folder from your IIS virtual directory and the root physical directory. Reinstall it again. Hope it'll work

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