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 Hi all,

 i  have integrated the payment gateway in my application , i am just posting my page to the secure hosting server with help of proxy it works fine., now i have moved the application to the server,when posting the same form to secure hosting by through javascript code, the page not posting to secure hosting page,it stands with no process, some thing is blocking in the page, can any have  faced this issue.

 below is my sample code.

    <form id="form1"  method="post" action="" runnat="server">

In code behind :

//Inserting values to Database.
   string submitFormJS = "";
     submitFormJS += "<script language='javascript'>";
      submitFormJS += "var frm1 = document.getElementById('form1');";
      submitFormJS += "frm1.submit();";
      submitFormJS += "</script>";

                Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Type.GetType("System.String"), "posttopg", submitFormJS);



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Have you received any errors?


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 I don't have a straightup answer for you but the most likely cause is that some sort of firewall (software / hardware) is blocking outbound HTTP connection from the web server.  This is very common for corporate networks and some hosters.

 I recommend trying to telnet to the host over port 443 on the server and see if you get a connection

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