Deploying and Re-deploying applications

I deploy my apps by dragging and throwing bin folder and aspx files into the root directory of my hosted server.

If I make any changes to my app, I re-deploy my app by again dragging and throwing bin folder and aspx files into the root directory of my hosted server.
My question is:
(1) What happens when a user is using my website, and I re-deploy my applcation?
(2) How do I ensure that when I re-deploy my app, it does not affect the users who are already on my site.
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Well, when you change the web.config file the application restarts.  This kills sessions on the server, if you're using InProc session type.  If you're using StateServer or SqlServer then your sessions may still exist (but there will be a delay for the user while the app starts up again on the server).  Note that there is a performance hit by using SqlServer session settings, but if you absolutely must keep sessions, you can even reboot the server and they'll still be there.  You can read more at" and
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