Deploy 3.5 web app on .NET 3.0 web server?

I am considering developing an ASP.NET app in VS 2008 using LINQ.  I know LINQ is .NET 3.5 specific but the IIS6 web server I need to deploy to only has .NET 3.0 installed (and I can't change that).

So my question: can I compile and deploy a .NET 3.5 app on a web server with .NET 3.0 on it?  If so, how - and is there any official MSFT documentation?


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Try this out it may work, if not you won't be using Linq unless they upgrade.

- William

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Give some of my PWSK modules a try.
3/31/2009 5:11:56 AM

By default your app will reference the 3.5 assemblies when compiled so it will not work on 3.0.  It will only work if you chose to compile it against framework 3.0 in visual studio, and even then you might need additional LINQ support (as per the other post). 

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Thank you for the replies.
I read the article William referenced.  I also read similar 'running LINQ on 2.0' articles before posting this question.  I wasn't sure if the fact that I can deploy to a 3.0 server made a difference.

But I see Andrew's point as well.  I may technically be able to get LINQ functionality working by following the above mentioned article but developing against 3.5 leaves me open to possibly referencing something else in the 3.5 libraries that won't work on the 3.0 server.  It just sounds like a hassle to me.

So unless anyone can attest to successfully supporting this situation, I think I'll leave LINQ out of my project.

Thanks again

3/31/2009 12:25:04 PM

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