Changes made in dev not showing in production

Hello, I'm brand-new to ASP.NET but I've been tasked with making changes to an existing ASP.NET 1.1 site.  The site was created with Visual Studio 2003 and uses C# and the code-behind model.  All I need to do is make a few simple changes to the default.aspx page, which I've done and can see locally, but I can't get those changes to appear on the production site.  I have to mention that I don't have access to the production control panel (it's hosted by 1&1), long story, although I am able to upload to the FTP site.

 Are there any changes that I can make that will cause the site to refresh the pages from the source files?  I've recompiled or rebuilt the site and .dlls and FTP'd them up and I've also added the following lines to the web.config file:


Please, can someone explain to me why their web server is using the cached version of the page and will not show my changes?

 Thanks in advanced!

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 Is it possible you are publishing the site with ftp to the wrong directory?  For example you are publishing the web site in the root of the ftp account but your website is in the wwwroot/ folder?  I do not know how 1&1 is setup. 

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Thanks for the reply Ken,

I had wondered that myself and had done some investigating (sorry forgot to mention that).  If I renamed default.aspx to something else and then went to the main URL, it displayed a directory listing instead of the page, so I do know that I'm working in the correct FTP location.  When the file name is put back the page re-appears, but using the "cached" version (the page displayed does not match the file's contents).  Even if I place a blank file in there with the name "default.aspx", the cached page appears.

But I did just notice something - I can't see any file permissions.  If I go to another site that I support I can see all the permissions listed.  So this could all be permissions-related and a problem with the access the account that I was given by the client.  So I'll look into that.

Assuming that I get that straightened out, what should the permission settings be for an ASP site? 

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