Best INTRANET option; one web app or mulitple web apps

My company has several small client/server apps and they want then move to  Some of these apps may call each other pages and share some pages for searching data.  The main question is:

Best option or practice--- Do we create multiple virtual directories or just one virtual directory and split out the apps in their own separate folders?  If we use one large app, are you able to compile just a part that was changed or do you have to bring down the entire site?  Will sub directories work the best?

Any opinions or directions to a white paper would be greatly appreciated.




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It really depends on what you deem best.

My personal preference is to create Virtual Directories on internal web apps, and assign each app it's own App Pool (assuming Win2k3, IIS6) running under a specific domain account. This gives you a level of security for each application, in how it connects to other resources.

Depending on how you've deployed your ASP.NET 2.0 application (since 1.1 applications have to be compiled), your site can only compile the changed portion.

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Well I can't point you to any white papers, but in my opinion is always depends on the situation.  However, for 2 companies I have setup intranets that consists of multiple web apps under the root folder.  I answered a question similiar to this awhile back at this link

The only problem with having multiple web apps is that it is troublesome to keep the same look across all intranet apps.  I have gotten around this using "Global Master Pages" in ASP.NET. the link above provides another link to see how to do it.  I haven't had any problems with this for the 2 companies we have set these up for.

If you decide to use one large app make sure when you compile/publish it (assuming you are using 2.0) make sure you check the box that allows fixed naming so you don't have to bring down the entire site.  You can just replace the pages/dll's that you need to.  We do that as well.  Makes for easier maintnenace.  Hopefully this helps you out somewhat.
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