Asp. mvc deployment on IIS6, site very slow

Hi all,

 I've created a very simple site for a restaurant, Deployed it on a windows 2003 sever with IIS6. But the site as you see take a very long time to load.

 The images in the style are very small, for example the left menu image is 97Kb.
 Also it might help to know the site is on .net 3.5

Any ideas on this please ?

Regards Calin.
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hi.. even in my intranet site i face this problem.. for the first time it is taking too much time to load.. or if i sit idle for 20 minutes also it is taking time.. its because the process is shutting down for memmory management...

to reduce this problem, in my Internet Information Server, uncheck the workerprocess of my site... i'll tell u how

IIS -> Expand Application Pools -> (in the new window)  select Performance tab -> uncheck the idle time out. ..

5/5/2009 5:31:55 AM

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