Application not working after deployed, but working in debug mode


My application is working properly in debug mode.

But when I deploy on another machine. It does not show textboxes on login page. 

If I deploy on my own machine then also it works properly.

Both machine have same OS, XP professional.

Do I need to install entire VS2005 on other machine. While creating web setup project, i've selected prerequisits as,

Microsoft Data Access components 2.8

.Net framework 2.0

Crystal reports for .Net framework 2.0

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Report viewer

and selected option as, download prerequisits from same location as my application.

Also on new machine there are 3 partitions, C, E and F. OS is loaded on E drive. In IIS setting I've changed default web site path to C:\inetpub\wwwRoot.

if I just type http://localhost, IE launches default iis page.

I created new setup project and deployed again but same error. I checked error log text file also. But no new error has been written to it. 

Please someone help me on this.



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Most likely you didn't configure ASP.NET for the site or haven't created an application in IIS.  See for help too.


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