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.net component to Delphi component ?
Hello, Is there a way to use .net component inside Delphi ? Thanks On Tue, 18 Nov 2008 13:16:37 -0800, isaac sam wrote: > Is there a way to use .net component inside Delphi ? has some libraries for this. -- Marc Rohloff [TeamB] marc -at- marc rohloff -dot- com Marc Rohloff wrote: > On Tue, 18 Nov 2008 13:16:37 -0800, isaac sam wrote: > >> Is there a way to use .net component inside Delphi ? > > has some libraries for this. > I was hoping for a free tool but thanks On Tue, 18 Nov 2008...

Is there a .NET component for use with Authorize.Net?
I am wanting to find a .NET dll for use with real-time online credit card processing with, does anyone know where I can locate one? I do not want to use the MS WinHTTP component. Thanks DotNetCharge - http://www.dotnetcharge.comDotNetNuke Core Architect So, in the Site Settings in DNN 2.1 you can specify a variety of Payment Processors but a quick look at the code makes it look like only paypal is actually supported. Am I missing something. Are there ways to tie into Specifically I want to do it for membership services.David O'Learywww.EfficionConsulti...

Help, How to install a component to the VS .NET Component list?
HI, I have a problem now, I has just completed a ASP.NET control and now my objective is to create a setup package to install it to VS Toolbox and VS .NET Component list. I already had a solution for toolbox but I can't find any related information about .NET Component list (it's needed when developer wants to add my component from .NET Component list).Please help me!NOTE: I already had EvnDTE.dll and EnvDTE8.dll components to work with VS.Dang, ThangDang. MCSD,MCDBA,MCTS,ITProject+,PMP There is a free tool you can use to do that

Activex Componants, Visual and
As part of a university project i have to a create an activex componant that times the download of a file of known size. This is so that my website can measure the bandwidth of any client machine that accesses it.I am coding my website in using visual 2003, i have never used activex before and am unsure of how to link my web site to an activex componant let alone code the activex componant.Below i have wrote an algorithm of what i believe the activex componant will do. I am unsure of whether this is correct.Start downloadStart timerError = Falsewhile error = false &nbs...

Wiki Wiki not Wiki Working
So I had this bright idea. Test::FAQ and Test::Tutorial are just sort of sitting here on my hard drive not doing much of anything. Why not put them up as a Wiki and then everyone else can sort of just play around with it and we'll see what happens. Unfortunately, I can't get the damned Wiki working. I've tried the QuickiWiki, which mysteriously refuses to write a file larger than 10K, and ClusterWiki, which is giving me fits trying to get it configured. If anyone has experience with this sort of thing, set up a perl-qa Wiki and we can get started. -- Michae...

.net components??
Been trying to figure the .Net component we are building a .net (, web application... Is it all about Com+? What is the product to host these distributed components? Do I need biztalk, or is the application serer built into Win2003?     COM is a way to make your interfaces so that they can be used in a decent fasion. .NET components can be built using the same standards. But there is much more to .NET than just .NET Components and the distributed architectures of the past that were built using COM / DCOM can be done today using Web Service...

[Hot Discussion] VB.NET vs. C#.NET by performance
Which one have the much better performance? Which one is the best?Parco LeeOwner + Webmaster + System Engineer + Professional ProgrammerSoftDweller Lab (a software laboratory)http://www.softdweller.comA professional laboratory for new technology softwares developing by .NET. Hmmm, the discussion doesn't appear very hot. By the way, the answer is its all personal taste, give or take a few things that aren't important.Thanks, Paul Wilson, ASPInsider, MC**For the best .NET code, examples, and tools,,, I'...

.NET components
Hello, Currently our company is using Borland Delphi 7.0 for several in-house programs. We have built a lot of them using custom-components, and in order to migrate to Visual Studio, I would need to find some components (preferrably free) that could perform the following tasks. I realize that some of these are built into Visual Studio, but if you know of any components, please post them here. various networking utilities including sending emailstoring data in temporary memory (system)spellcheckerimporting data from various sources (xls, dbf, csv, txt, etc)exporting data to...

Components in Components
I'm finishing up on a component that I've been creating at run-time but thought I'd go ahead and compile it and add it to my palette. The component contains a number of TPersistent components and a couple of TComponents. It's working well, and it compiles OK, but in the Object Inspector each of the TComponent properties has a drop-down control next to it, as if I was supposed to pick a component from a list. What is going on with this? Do I need to define the owner differently, or specify a parent-lik e object? I'd rather it just list the name of the class, like how i...

.NET component?
I'm fairly new to .NET and have a question regarding its functionality.  I have an aspx page in which the user must enter input into a textbox.  In code-behind I will retrieve other data based on the choice they make.  They will then click an ADD button.  What I would like is for this data to be displayed out to the user for them to see.  They then can enter another entry into the textbox and click ADD, and the retrieved info will be appended to the previous displayed data.  The user can ADD info as many times as they want, and a list will be generated. For...

Innovation to ADO.NET
Matisse Software Inc. provides its native ADO.NET Data provider for Matisse 6.0, the Database for .NET. Matisse Software has pushed the envelope of Microsoft ADO.NET architecture and extended it into a powerful Object Access Services component for .NET. Matisse’s extension of ADO.NET demonstrates that ADO.NET can evolve beyond the Microsoft architecture to benefit .NET developers. Unlike the standard ADO.NET data provider, which returns data in a table format to integrate seamlessly with relational products, Matisse has extended the ADO.NET architecture to return data in an object format....

(Existing) Perl 6 Wiki: (
------=_NextPart_000_0035_01C67E01.B94BD6A0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit I was googling around, looking for the most suitable Perl Wiki for a possible addition of a Perl 6 section, and happened across this site: Perl 6 Wiki: ( Their posted policies, FAQ, and (, seem to be very favorably inclined to serving the purposes of recent Perl 6 Wiki proposals made on comp.perl6.lang and comp.perl6.users. (I've cc'd their contact on this note.) I...

Moz- web component meetup at whistler [Was: Create `Is Gaia-components Ready` wiki page]
--089e0149c1783274b70517ae6b5b Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Hi, Here are some detail and sessions about the web component meetup in the upcoming whistler workweek, feel free to book your session if you are willing to share some web component related experience. Hopefully we can have more progress there. 2015-05-27 12:03 GMT+08:00 Fred Lin <>: > Here's some update about gaia-components. TLDR; Generally most issues > we've concerned about gaia components are solvable. > ...

Re: (Existing) Perl 6 Wiki: (
------=_Part_137936_30968527.1148400513312 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Disposition: inline Please see forwarded note below. (( Paul: Didn't see this show up in the archives, so I'm forwarding it on your behalf. Looks like you have to be subscribed to post. Details for doin= g that are in: Also please look at a posted reply: Could you switch to an existing Perl 5 based ...

------_=_NextPart_001_01C6429F.D89AA417 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hello, Net::LDAP Net::LDAPS Is there a possible to LDAP bind with an encrypted (SHA, SSHA, CRYPT, ....) password? I don't like to write the secret password to the perl file. Best regards Barbara Wilbert ------_=_NextPart_001_01C6429F.D89AA417-- Wilbert Barbara (CI/OSI) * wrote: > Hello, > > Net::LDAP > Net::LDAPS > > Is there a possible to LDAP bind with an encrypted (SHA, SSHA, CRYPT, > ......

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