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I downloaded the Club Site Starter Kit, now how do I get it to run.  I do not see an application file to run.  Am I missing something with the setup?

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You need to use VS2005 and open the club.vsi file.  You will also need to create the DB schema by using the ClubAdd.sql scripts that are provided.

That is the bare minimum, do a little digging and you will see that it is not the a terrible three horned beast.

 I got the club starter kit up and running on my own server within 15 minutes of downloading it.

I have not made many changes yet but it is on it's way, I am sure there will be tons of bugs and irritating little tweaks but all in all it is up and running.


2/25/2006 5:01:55 AM
Is that running on your local server?
3/2/2006 1:23:52 AM

Let me know when you ftp it two a shared account with the database intact so you can share it with the rest of us.



3/11/2006 11:52:52 PM

Yes that is running on my personal server here at home.  Not sure about opening up FTP on that box but I am open to sharing with others.

Let's all contribute something to the toolkit and see where we can take it.


3/12/2006 6:56:20 AM

Hi people,

I am game for the idea for working together on this kit. Although I am more of a author than a programmer. But I can contribute to the design aspects of the kit. I have been tooling around with the css file I finally discovered how easy it is to change the visual design. I found out that if you open the css file you can work with it in tandem by using the build tool that opens when the css file is opened. You then can go in to the image folder and while the build tool is open you can check out the image that is selected. I have been having a thoughts of how to change the look and feel of this project and it has finally all come together. I'll take notice of the of this thread and report back soon. And I want to thank samsp for the links that he sent regarding the skins and theme reply I wrote.



3/13/2006 11:37:21 PM

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