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Our application is not purely web based application developed in C#.net. It's a web based windows application. We normally load Windows User control on a web page. Since this is a web application once the package of our application is installed it gets installed in DefaultWebsite in IIS directory. All the assemblies refered by this application remains in the Application Virtual Directory itself. The application works fine while accessing the URL. But in client machine we use a Internet Explorer add on tool named Fiddler in order to monitor the network traffic. The actual problem arises only here. When we monitor all the http request sent from this application to a web server it reproduces a ton of 404 errors. We have analysed and found that the CLR is looking for assemblies in wwwroot first and then only it starts probing into the Applicatrions Base Virtual directory and Sub directory. Since we do not have any assemblies related to the application in wwwroot, the fiddler starts throwing a huge number of 404 errors. We just wanted the CLR to look for the assemblies in Application's Virtual directory path and not the wwwroot. We have also tried adding probing and codeBase tags in web.config file of the application. But it still throws error. Kindly provide us with a solution to this.



6/10/2008 6:30:14 PM
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6/11/2008 6:20:16 AM


Thanks for your update. Our application is .net 2003 application and we need some solution in point of .net 2003 itself. Kindly update us once you find some information

6/11/2008 9:34:31 AM


Tell how may i help you.


6/11/2008 10:25:47 AM

Check what path is mentioned in Local Path where directory has a source of project.

 You can also do one thing. Copy the complete project paste in wwwroot and then change the Local path in a IIS and see how it works.

If it has the same problem then tell me which IIS version you are using and Did you create a SITE or Virtual Directory.


6/11/2008 10:33:25 AM

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