Trying to get Button to add Text in TextBox

Hey all. I'm trying to place text (HTML codes) in a text box based off of a clicked button without a refresh of the page. 

Example: 3 Buttons for Bold, Italic, Underline and a TextBox. When you click on a button, it will enter either <b> <i> or <u> in the textbox. I have acheved this part but it appears a page refresh has occured everytime you click a button. To make matters worse, the text box is at the bottom of the webpage, and when the refresh occurs you're taken back to the top of the page. You must scroll down to get back to the TextBox you're working with. Is this considered PostBack? If so how can I just click one of the Buttons and have it immediately spit the text/code into the textbox with no page refresh, postback or scrolling needed?
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Consider using client side JavaScript and client side button ( not the asp:button ).  This will eliminate the postback.

An Example ....
<input type="button" value="B" onclick="addBold()"></input>

function addBold()
textbox = document.getElementByID("<the textBox.ID>" ) ; // This fetches the TextBox from DOM.
textbox.value = ""+textbox.value+"" ; // encapsulate the original textbox value.

I am assuming each button affects the same textbox. I would not use "server side" buttons because there function can and should be done on the client side. The TextBox however should be server side - assuming you are going to do something with it's contents such as send an email and that is the tricky part since may change the textboxID when rendering to the client - especially when master pages are involved.

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That answers a lot. Plus it lets me know to get some Javascript under my belt! Thanks for your help.

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