Reference js file from another js file


Is it possible to reference the functions from one js file in another js file?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hey there,

Try to include it with the include directive, that is put the following in your js file
<!-- #include file=""-->
really, i didnt try it, but it should work, let me know if it works
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Assuming that you are using the javascript in a webpage, if you have references to both files then you should be able to reference functions from one file in another.

Use caution nesting #include statements, as there is a performance disadvantage in doing so.
||| Kristopher Cargile
11/7/2004 4:59:15 PM

No you cannot add .js file in .js file. But what you can do is, include both the file in same html/ or scripting page, it will work for your.

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