problem in using the file to call webservice method

Hello Mate,

                   The webservice method is not getting called . COULD U PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS PROBLEM?              

                   First of all i have a folder called "Masters" in my project.

                   In that folder i am having two webpages ( one as master page and other as a pop up page) and a file which i had downloaded from the internet.

                   I have specified the htc file (which is nothing but webservice's behavior file) in webpage's source code as

                  <div id="service" style="behavior:url("></div

                    i have a webservice file and also a jscript file.

in the jscript file i have coded as

(in this i have specified "FillTable" which is nothing but the webservice method. it is used to fill a datatable from the parameters passed and stored in a session variable. after that the succeededcall back function will refresh the parent form in which i will fill a datagrid using the datatable in the session variable) function init()




function CreateAndFillTable()


alert("in create and fill table");

var strtxtCust_cp_code = document.getElementById("Table1_txtCust_cp_code").value;

var strtxtCust_cp_name = document.getElementById("Table1_txtCust_cp_name").value;

var strtxtCust_cp_desig = document.getElementById("Table1_txtCust_cp_desig").value;

var strtxtcust_cp_ph_no = document.getElementById("Table1_txtCust_cp_phone_no").value;

var strtxtCust_cp_mobile_no = document.getElementById("Table1_txtCust_cp_mobile_no").value;

var strtxtCust_cp_email_id = document.getElementById("Table1_txtCust_cp_email").value;

var strtxtCust_cp_rmks = document.getElementById("Table1_txtCust_cp_rmks").value;



var iCallID; iCallID = service.GridTasks.callService(SucceededCallback,"FillTable",strtxtCust_cp_code,strtxtCust_cp_name,strtxtCust_cp_desig,strtxtcust_cp_ph_no,strtxtCust_cp_mobile_no,strtxtCust_cp_email_id,strtxtCust_cp_rmks);


function SucceededCallback()






WebService method:

<WebMethod(True)> _

Public Sub FillTable(ByVal strtxtCust_cp_code As String, ByVal strtxtCust_cp_name As String, ByVal strtxtCust_cp_desig As String, ByVal strtxtcust_cp_ph_no As String, ByVal strtxtCust_cp_mobile_no As String, ByVal strtxtCust_cp_email_id As String, ByVal strtxtCust_cp_rmks As String)

MsgBox("filltable/webservices") Dim Table6 As New DataTable


Dim Delete As New DataColumn Delete.ColumnName = "Delete"


Dim Modify As New DataColumnModify.ColumnName = "Modify"



Dim Code As New DataColumn Code.ColumnName = "Code"


Dim Name As New DataColumn Name.ColumnName = "Name"


Dim Designation As New DataColumn Designation.ColumnName = "Designation"


Dim Phone As New DataColumn Phone.ColumnName = "Phone"


Dim Mobile As New DataColumn Mobile.ColumnName = "Mobile"


Dim Email As New DataColumn Email.ColumnName = "Email"


Dim Remarks As New DataColumnRemarks.ColumnName = "Remarks"












If Session("CUST_Info") Is Nothing Then


Table6.Rows(0).Item("Delete") = "Delete.png"

Table6.Rows(0).Item("Modify") = "Modify.png"

Table6.Rows(0).Item("Code") = strtxtCust_cp_code

Table6.Rows(0).Item("Name") = strtxtCust_cp_name

Table6.Rows(0).Item("Designation") = strtxtCust_cp_desig

Table6.Rows(0).Item("Phone") = strtxtcust_cp_ph_no

Table6.Rows(0).Item("Mobile") = strtxtCust_cp_mobile_no

Table6.Rows(0).Item("Email") = strtxtCust_cp_email_id

Table6.Rows(0).Item("Remarks") = strtxtCust_cp_rmks


Table6 = Session("CUST_Info")

Dim i As Integer

i = Table6.Rows.Count


Table6.Rows(i).Item("Delete") = "Delete.png"

Table6.Rows(i).Item("Modify") = "Modify.png"

Table6.Rows(i).Item("CODE") = strtxtCust_cp_code

Table6.Rows(i).Item("Name") = strtxtCust_cp_name

Table6.Rows(i).Item("Designation") = strtxtCust_cp_desig

Table6.Rows(i).Item("Phone") = strtxtcust_cp_ph_no

Table6.Rows(i).Item("Mobile") = strtxtCust_cp_mobile_no

Table6.Rows(i).Item("Email") = strtxtCust_cp_email_id

Table6.Rows(i).Item("Remarks") = strtxtCust_cp_rmks

End If

Session("CUST_Info") = Table6Catch ex As Exception


End Try

MsgBox("filltable/webservices over")

End Sub

Much Obliged & Thanks a Lot,
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Hello There!,

   Actually My code was correct .Mistakenly i ran some other application instead of this application.



Much Obliged & Thanks a Lot,
7/9/2008 5:42:15 AM

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