Print web form content


how to design print page with content of webform

in the webform controls are images and lables textboxes ,gridview(gridview with textboxes and add button) and datalist

how to get control values and design the print page.


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you can design a page with your static HTML and use to open it, creat a button and call window.print() on the client side click of the button.

<asp:Button runat='server' id='btn' OnClientClick="window.print()" />

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Thanks for reply,

but how to get control values and format the print page can please tell me

how get the logo to print page

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create a static page, put your images and all on that, and if any dynamic data you want to put, put it in Session variable in the page load event of that page replace the values with teh data in sesssion variables , bottom of the page give one print button onclick of which call window.print();
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