Passing a value from server side to client side without postback

My problem exactly is that on my aspx.vb code-behind, I can update the field using

HiddenField ID = "hidSessionTimeout"

 Code-Behind: on Page_Load

hidSessionTimeout.Value = HttpContext.Current.Session.Timeout

 on ChangeTimeOutValue()

hidSessionTimeout.Value = 5


 var x= document.getElementById("hidSessionTimeout");


It seems that the javascript cannot get the latest updated value... Any ideas?


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Any Workaround solution?
9/2/2008 9:59:16 AM

did u keep the page load code in if(!IsPostBack)

9/2/2008 11:16:49 AM



 var x= document.getElementById("hidSessionTimeout");


It seems that the javascript cannot get the latest updated value... Any ideas?

Have you tried:

var x = document.getElementById("hidSessionTimeout").value;

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 @pavankumar: I use the page to be inherited by all webforms


    Public Class ParentForm
        Inherits System.Web.UI.Page

        Private sessionTimer As New System.Timers.Timer
        Private hidSessionTimeoutValue As Integer
        Private ScriptKey As String

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
            Dim timeout = HttpContext.Current.Session.Timeout

            hidSessionTimeout.Value = timeout
            hidSessionTimeoutValue = timeout
            Session("SessionTimeout") = timeout

            sessionTimer.Interval = 10000

            AddHandler sessionTimer.Elapsed, AddressOf TimerSessionEvent

            ScriptKey = Guid.NewGuid().ToString()

            Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.GetType(), Guid.NewGuid().ToString(), "<script type='text/javascript' src='SessionIdle.js'></script>", False)
            Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.GetType(), ScriptKey, "<script type='text/javascript'>SetSession(); windowonload()</script>", False)

        End Sub

        Private Sub TimerSessionEvent(ByVal source As Object, ByVal e As Timers.ElapsedEventArgs)
            Call Add()
        End Sub

        Private Sub Add()
            hidSessionTimeoutValue = hidSessionTimeoutValue - 1
            hidSessionTimeout.Value = hidSessionTimeoutValue

            Session("SessionTimeout") = hidSessionTimeoutValue
            If hidSessionTimeoutValue = 0 Then
            End If
        End Sub

    End Class


Javascript: SessionIdle.js


var idle = true;
var idleSeconds = 0;
var idleSecondsMax = 10; // timeout if idle for 10 seconds
var sessionTimeout;
var sessionWarning = 18; // 18 minute/s before session timeout
var setIntervalId;
var sessionVariable;

function windowonload()
    //setIntervalId = window.setInterval("DetectIdle()", 1000); //every 1 second   

function DetectIdle()
    var date = new Date()
    var min = date.getMinutes()
    var sec = date.getSeconds()
        if (idleSeconds > idleSecondsMax)
            alert("Idle: " + min + ":"+ sec);
        idle = true;

function IdleReset()
    idleSeconds = 0;
    idle = false;

function document.onmousemove()

function document.onkeypress()

function DetectSession()
    sessionTimeout = document.getElementById('hidSessionTimeout').value;
    if (sessionTimeout == sessionWarning)
        alert("Session is about to expire");
    if (sessionTimeout == 17)
        alert("Session Expired");   
function SetSession()
    sessionTimeout = document.getElementById("hidSessionTimeout").value;
    window.setInterval("DetectSession()", 10000); //every 10 seconds

@mvang: I tried to use

sessionTimeout = document.getElementById("hidSessionTimeout").value;

var x = document.getElementById("hidSessionTimeout").value;

It only gets the value from the first value set during the page_load..The value is always 20.



9/2/2008 7:55:49 PM

I just noticed the title to this thread:

Passing a value from server side to client side without postback

If this is what you are attempting to do, your only other option is to use AJAX. Search Google for literally tons of examples.


9/3/2008 3:41:02 PM


The current project I am working on is not AJAX enabled. Or as much as possible, I should not use any AJAX controls.
9/4/2008 1:00:37 AM

Well then the only way would be with a PostBack.

 <script type="text/javascript">
 __doPostBack('SomeTarget', 'Some value');
 // -->

 private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
  // Insure that the __doPostBack() JavaScript method is created...
  this.GetPostBackEventReference(this, string.Empty);

  if ( this.IsPostBack )
   string eventTarget = (this.Request["__EVENTTARGET"] == null) ? string.Empty : this.Request["__EVENTTARGET"];
   string eventArgument = (this.Request["__EVENTARGUMENT"] == null) ? string.Empty : this.Request["__EVENTARGUMENT"];

   // eventTarget == "SomeTarget"
   // eventArgument == "Some value"



9/4/2008 11:11:32 AM

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