Modifications in client side can't be detected in server side.


I have 2 HTML controls in my page, that run at server, Drop Down List (Copy From), List Box (Copy To), and 1 ASPX button,

On the page load i populate the DDL, from database, 3 item added for example.

At the end of HTML page, a java script code call a JS function, that function get all items of DDL and remove the selected item, and place the other 2 items in list box, so if i have A, B, C in DDL, and A Selected, the script only place B, and C in the list box.

The population of DDL performed in the server side, the population of list box performed in the client side by java script, now when user post back the page to server, i.e. clicked the button, the DDL.items.count = 3 but ListBox.Items.Count = 0, The page show 2 items in the list view! but server detect 0 items in the listbox.

HTML for DDL, and ListBox

                <select id="Lst_From" style="width: 98%;" onchange="PreventDuplication()" runat="server">

                <select id="Lst_To" runat="server" multiple="true" size="4" style="height: 100px; width: 98%;">
Populate the DLL code
                for (int i=0; i < _family.Members.Count; i++)
                    Lst_From.Items.Add(new ListItem(_family.Members[i].FullName, _family.Members[i].PersonId.ToString()));

The Java Script Function

    function PreventDuplication()
        var From = document.getElementById("&lt;%= Lst_From.ClientID %>");
        var To = document.getElementById("&lt;%= Lst_To.ClientID %>");
        //To.options.length = 0;
        for(var i=0; iif(From.value != From.options[i].value)
                var NewOption = document.createElement('option');
                NewOption.text = From.options[i].text;
                NewOption.value = From.options[i].value;
                NewOption.selected = true;
                    To.add(NewOption, null);

 The C# code, that get items count

        void PerformCopy()
            // That works great, the Lst_From populated from server, so works fine
            PersonInfo Source = PersonDataManager.GetPerson(int.Parse(Lst_From.Value));

            if (Source != null)
                PersonCollection Destination = new PersonCollection();
                // Fill person collection from the destination list, only if selected!
                // Lst_To.Items.Count    always = 0, because its populated by JS
                for (int i=0; i < Lst_To.Items.Count; i++)
                    if (Lst_To.Items[i].Selected)

Help please!

Kind Regards

John F. Mekhail
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You have to re-create these items on the server side, as client-side changes (through DOM) is not persisted.


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