Javascript popup function working in debug mode and not working on IIS

Hi all,

There is a GridView with anchors as for image buttons. They show aspx pages as popup windows. the way this happens is throuh a <div> in the page with visibility: hidden. the aspx pages show in this <div>. Three of the popup functions use the same approach generally and are working fine in debug mode. When I post the site one of them isn't showing the window. Now I am not very good with javascript so I suppose that I am missing something.

function ShowPriceForYou(e, item_id, measure_id, qty, postGroup_id){   
    var pageX = getMouseXPos(e);
    var pageY = getMouseYPos(e);   
    document.getElementById("divShowPrice").style.visibility = "visible";
    document.getElementById("divShowPrice") = pageY - 1;
    document.getElementById("divShowPrice").style.left = pageX - 1;      
    var url = "PricePopUp.aspx?item_id=" + item_id + "&measure_id=" + measure_id + "&quantity=" + qty +"&vatProdPostingGroup=" + postGroup_id;       
    //alert(url);"GET", url, true);
      request.onreadystatechange = priceResponse;

the function for the mouse position looks like this: 

function getMouseXPos(e) {
  if (document.layers||ns6) {
    return parseInt(e.pageX+10)
  } else {
    return (parseInt(e.clientX+10) + parseInt(document.body.scrollLeft))

this is for the visualisation of the <div> 

function priceResponse(){
    if (request.readyState == 4) {
        if(request.status == 200){
            var result = GetDocumentTableContent(request.responseText);
            document.getElementById("divShowPrice").innerHTML = result;

The aspx page that is the popup window is simply appearing empty (when I put border on it - a small square is appearing - it means the controls inside are notvisualized). the connection string passed as well as the arguments are fine. Is there a difference that I should be taking care of when I am posting the site? Because if everything works fine in debug ... I simply cannot see the problem, if anyone can help, please.



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