I'm having a problem with creating dynamic control (dropdown) on client side & accessing that control on code behind.

Hi Team,

In page load default I’m showing "start time" dropdown,” End time" dropdown.
 I'm giving one checkbox option to user, if user checks I’m enabling the button.
 On that button click, I want to create client side dynamic controls for adding on start time, end time.

Start Time with 3 dropdown Hours, Mint, Unit (AM, PM).
End Time with 3 dropdown Hours, Mint, Unit (AM, PM).
 This scenario is for measuring "SAMPLE “multiple start time, end time.
 I want to calculate the duration of start, end time & show to user.

Can any one give me the idea or give me the good example to handle this issue.

Plz send as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards
Shaik Mujeebuddin
Analyst I
3/23/2008 9:41:49 AM
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Create 3 timespan objects, intialize two of them with the values from dropdown and substart the second one from the first one and store this value in the third one 

start, end, diff;

start = new TimeSpan(10, 0, 0);

end = new TimeSpan(22, 0, 0);

diff = end - start;


Muhammad Khurram Punjwani
3/23/2008 11:38:10 AM

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