How to pass param values from server side to client side scripts


I have a page containing a datagrid with a list of geographic positions of interesting places. Users can filter this grid. Clicking an item the system displays the place on a map using MS Virtual Earth map component that exposes a client side javascript api. My problem is that the filtering is done on server side, but the map runs on client side. So during page load, I need to create long strings containing complex javascript codes on the server side, and add it as an event handler attribute to my components. This causes a lot of problems, for exemple I cannot pass variables, only values, like this:  

            String title = dr["NAME"].ToString();
            String text = dr["Comment"].ToString();
            String lat = dr["Lat"].ToString();
            String lon = dr["Lon"].ToString();
            String alt = dr["Alt"].ToString();
            String dateTime = dr["datetime"].ToString();
            String icon = "./Images/Pushpin.gif";
            String js1 = "javascript:addPushPin('" + pinID.ToString() + "', '" + lat + "', '" + lon + "', '" + icon + "', '" + title + "', '" + text + "');";

So I realized that I need a way to pass complex structures, values from server side to client side, in a way that client side scripts will be able to use as params.

I'm a newbie in client programming, is there any best practice for this, or do you have any ideas how to do that?

Thanks a lot! 


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use a hidden field if data is not sensitive......

1)Make the hiddenfiled runat="server"

2)assign the value of the hidden field at server side.

3)use the value in javascripts.

Let the game begin!!

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Thank you both for your answers! I'm trying to sum up what I've learnt:

Server side:

(0. Design time: creating javascript functions and hidden fields on the page)

1. During page creation I will create my JSON objects containing the params and serialize them into a string somehow 

2. Put this string into a hidden field

3. Add javascript event handlers to my controls 

Client side:

4. When the user clicks the control the javascript event handler is called and gets its params from the hidden field JSON string


Am I correct? Is this really the best way to do this? I don't really like these hidden fields, no way to embedd my params in the page in some more elegant way?

Thanks a lot! 



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You can use Page.RegisterArrayDeclaration("Name","Value") to register a javascript array in server side.


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