How to pass control values from one ascx user-control to another???

Our site is set up using a primary default aspx page that is used as the "base page" for everything. On this page, we dynmaically place various user controls at run-time. This gives us a functionality similar to using frames where the outer-frame actually just sits there while various webfiles are loaded inside of it.

Works great except for one thing...
trying to figure out the best way to pass control names/values accross user controls.
When the same usercontrol is posting back to itself this is a non issue. So far most of our functionality has worked well using the local post-back event of each usercontrol. But that won't suffice for long.
But if I want to hop from one usercontrol to another...since there is no form posting I don't have access to the control names/values from the previous usercontrol.
One solution that was proposed was to read control values from the first user control into a session variables and then read them back from the next usercontrol and then destroy them. Seems like a bit inelagant for something that ought to be more seamless.
One thought is if a given series of related usercontrols are going to be processed in succession...then I could create an outer "shell" user control in which they are placed and this outer usercontrol would be handling the post-back issues and deciding what child usercontrols to remove and add and could pass values between them. Is that more programatically sound? What's the best way to have a parent usercontrol reference controls on its child usercontrols and vice versa? Do I need to expose all the values of the controls on each child usercontrol by setting them up as "properties" so the parent usercontrol can "read" them and gain access? Is there a more direct way?
Oh brillaint minds out there...what have you done to resolve this issue in your own applications?
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if you are using or make a holdvalues.vb class call funcitons that would save the values to a private varables.  then the next aspx can call functions that retreave them.

I hope that helps
3/11/2004 8:25:17 PM
Thanks for the suggestion!

Interesting. How would I pass this vb "holdvalues" object between the two ascx pages? Or would I load it into a session variable?
3/11/2004 10:30:03 PM
sorry i though it was to user controls on the same page.  yea Session variables would have to do the trick.  somethings i pass from one page to the next via hidden inputs

first page.
response.write("<input type=hidden name=myvar value='heldval' >")
second page
dim myvar
myvar = request.form("myvar")
this will only work with forms and use it only if values that you don't care if someone can see them.
if you don't wish someone to see them then use Session vars
3/12/2004 7:24:53 PM
I improperly mixed terms...

let me rephrase:
How would I pass values between two ascx user-controls that are loaded onto the same aspx page?
Am I really limited to session variables? That's the route I'm planning to take but I was hoping there might be something more direct.
3/15/2004 1:18:01 PM

You can make Public Properties for that controls like so:

'Local Private variables
Dim mID as Integer
Public Property ID as Integer
Return mID
End Get
Set(ByVal Value As Integer)
'Make any validations such as *number can't be negative or verify it is a number
'then set the value
mID = Value
End Set
End Property


WebUserControl1.ID 'Here is the way you'd access that property now.

3/15/2004 8:20:09 PM
Great. I'm familiar with the get/set properties of custom user controls so that's a great suggestion.

The trick is if these user controls are being loaded/unloaded in succession...I'm assuming that the new user control would need to be instantiated to read the property values from the previous usercontrol...then the previous user control could be cleared (like from a placeholder) and the new one added in its place? Is that the best methodology if just making panels visible/not visible on a single usercontrol is not an option for a given solution?

Thanks for all the help guys.
3/16/2004 8:12:37 PM

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