How to get TextBox value that was set by JavaScript

Hi, I used a JavaScript to set a TextBox value.  This works ok, it displays the correct value when the page is rendered.  But when I try to access the TextBox value using the server side code, it does not read the new value.  (I'm assuming it is because the JavaScript code is not actually adding the Text property to the rendered HTML)


Here is my test code, does anyone have any ideas?


protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)

			TextBox tb = new TextBox();
			tb.ID = "TestTextBox";
			tb.Visible = true;
			tb.Text = "dsfsdfsdf";
			this.Form.Controls.AddAt(0, tb);

			string JavaScript = "&lt;script type=\"text/javascript\"&gt;document.getElementById('ctl00_TestTextBox').value = top.location.href;</script>";
			ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this.Page, typeof(Page), "TopLocation", JavaScript, false);

			using (TextBox tb2 = (TextBox)this.Form.FindControl("TestTextBox"))
				if(tb2 != null)
					Response.Write("test: " + tb2.Text);


My goal here is to access the top.location.href value server side.

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you cannot get the values assigned to textbox by Js in Server side... you need store the value in hidden field at client side and reassign the same value from hidden to textbox at server side.


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As Vasanthakumar said, assign the values in hidden field and access it in code behind 

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12/12/2007 6:13:04 AM

I think the problem is because the dynamically created textbox hasn't been rendered to client yet, before the postback.

Do you get any js errors? Are you sure it finds the textbox? 

- Can you use a non dynamic textbox in your case? 

(- or make your javascript bigger, and let the js make the textbox with document.createElement..!? )

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You are trying to read the value on the Page  Load? You need to learn how a web application works. The JavaScript is not run until the entire page is sent down to the client and rendered. The server can not interact with the clientside value because of this. You need to post the form back up to the clietn to read any information added by JavaScript.

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12/12/2007 2:22:39 PM

Thanks  mr_breaker ,vasanth.kumar.d ,A1ien51  for your post. I trapped in similar situation and solve it by using hidden field. Although before read your posts i solved it using hidden field. By reading your posts i knew the reason behind this. Thanks A1ien51   again about Page lifecycle Idea.

Thanks to all you .



with regards

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