How to get a variable to Runatserver from Client Side Javascript

Here is a snippet of the Javascript Code

if (VarNotCompleted == "YES")

{document.getElementById("RatingLabel").innerHTML="Not Completed"}
It works fine but when I want to take the contents of the rating label back to the database it doesn't work. I am assuming the probem is that the Javascript is client side and nothing is registering at the server
How to I get the Javascript generated contents of Rating Label back to the server
This is the label
<asp:Label id="RatingLabel" runat="server"></asp:Label>
Any ideas

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submit a form with the value contained in it.
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Jason Brown - MVP, IIS
4/2/2004 6:08:33 AM
u cannot get label values to server side.

the label data is not stored in viewstate.
so try like this.
place the label value in a hidden variable with runat=server.
u can get the value even if the postback is done as the hidden varible value is stored in viewstate.
i think this cheaky but works for u.
4/2/2004 10:31:00 AM
> u cannot get label values to server side. 

that's why I suggested the form solution....
RTFM - straight talk for web developers. Unmoderated, uncensored, occasionally unreadable

Jason Brown - MVP, IIS
4/2/2004 10:37:48 AM
Thanks for replying. Problem solved.

For other Learners the javascript code now is
if (VarNotCompleted == "YES")

{document.getElementById("RatingLabel").innerHTML="Not Completed";
document.getElementById('AAARating').value = "Not Completed"}
document.getElementById('AAARating').value = VarRating;}

Under the Form Tag is
<input id="AAARating" type="hidden" name="AAARating" runat="server">
4/2/2004 9:45:19 PM

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