How to Encrypt the value of textbox in client side and Decrypt it in server side?

How to Encrypt the value of textbox in client side and Decrypt it in server side?
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THere is no use in decrypting ur content @ client side

since a normal user can view the decrytion logic when he takes 'view source' option

'SSL' technology is used in this situations.


2/9/2007 9:38:15 AM

Sreejith: he did not ask to decrypt it on client-side!

Take a loot at this article on the Cryptography application block:

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2/9/2007 2:56:05 PM
2/9/2007 2:58:04 PM

Sreejith: he did not ask to decrypt it on client-side!

Ok, it was encryption from the client-side, not decryption, yet how are you going to solve the problem of unhidable client-side code? (This is a real question, no irony; Afaik, the answer is simply "you can't", as Sreejith suggested, but I'd be interested to hear whether we may be missing something on this.)

Btw, in fact, both links you posted refer to server-side technology...


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Dear zhihao is not online. Last active: 02-10-2007, 8:53 AM zhihao

How do you want to do that ?. Give me some example please ?Do you mean data is encrypted before it is being sent to server ?

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2/10/2007 6:56:48 PM
Hi a4nsd:

    I have a Login form which will contain a user name textbox and password text.
    For security reason I want to encrypt the password before it will be sent to server side and then decrypt it in server side.

2/12/2007 4:18:08 AM

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