Hidden field client side value lost on post back


I have a checkbox list , two text box , with link to javascript calendars and two hidden fields.

The checkbox list contains years with start and end date in text part and the two textboxes are From and To date.

Initially when the page is loaded the first year in the list is checked then the hidden field for start and end date is set at server side.

After that on client side onload we run a javascript that picks up the date from hidden fields and set them on the two dates textboxex respectively in client locale.

No when i change the checkbox check the repect date in text part of the checkbox are extracted from at client side and set the hidden field and then the two dates textboxes.If i try to save now the changes made at client side are easily captured at server side and stored in database.If i change the dates using the javascript calendar(external JS file referenced in the page) for the two dates textboxes and hidden variables are reflected at server side(condition is that any of the checkbox is checkbox list has to be checked)

But if none of the checkbox is checked in the checkbox list i clear the the two date textboxes control and the hidden variable.Now if i try to set the the date textboxes using javascript calendar interm also the hidden variable the changes are not reflected at server side.

I have noticed that when i do an alert for the hidden variable its show the updated date.I have also seen the request object and can see the updated value is fetched at postbox, but when i try to access the hidden variable value it shows it empty.

I know i can get the updated value from the request object and go  one with the problem.But i need to know what is wrong with current.

Why are the changes not accessible at sever side if none of the checkbox is checked.One more thing i have checked the code and tried to access the hidden variable as first statement at page load also to avoid any cleaning of variable due to any custom code but it shows still empty.

Has anyone ever faced this issue.Please help me if you have any updates or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks you all in advance



Aayam Singh


1/12/2009 7:24:15 AM
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I was able to get hold of my silly mistake. The modification made by me was actually to avoid postback in checkbox list and set the date textboxes using javascript. I made these changes and removed the autopostback for checkboxlist but didnt remove the server side selectedindex change event from code behind which contained the code for clearing for Hidden field. This selected changes event for checkbox list did used to fire beacause of postback due to button. I know it was silly mistake in my part and considered to give the resolution so that it could be useful to someone. Thanks for help Regards, Aayam Singh
1/12/2009 8:03:39 AM

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