Getting a ref (ID's or Names) for Dynamic Controls on a Page

 I have a page containing a number of dynamically created checkboxes within a gridview (1 checkbox per row). When building the gridview  I can assign an 'onclick' event handler to the control so that a client event is triggered.

However I need the name/ID of the checkbox control that the user clicked on it. Is there any way to do this via Javascript/client side code?

Any examples/sample code would be helpful.






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 Eric | Twitter epascarello | LinkedIn
11/19/2007 11:19:40 PM

No - this will not provide access to the control name - it's a bit more complex than that with dynamic controls. I need to get the name into a string variable.

Remember that the control  (in this case an unbound checkbox) is getting created dynamically in a rowdatabound event of a gridview as follows:

    e.row.cells[0].Addtibutes.Add ("onclick", "somejavascriptfunction()"); 

The ID for the control does not seem to be accessible here. It's also unclear how to get a ref to the name of the control so I can parse it out in client side javascript.

 Any other ideas?


11/19/2007 11:55:09 PM

You are adding the onclick onto the cell and not the control in the cell so of course you will not get the id of the checkbox.

You can either figure out how to add the onclick to the checkbox or If that onclick fires you can do


Eric | Twitter epascarello | LinkedIn
11/20/2007 1:12:54 AM

i have a problem with dynamically generated check boxes inside a datagrid, in a modal window. it is not identifying if the check box is checked or not(in certain machines). the application is in ASP .net 2.0

when i checked the view source of this modal window i am able to fine a difference in the view source for the same control in different machines as follows.

*(error) (1) <TD><INPUT id=SearchTDS_UA1_dgSearchResults_ctl04_chkDelete type=checkbox name=SearchTDS_UA1$dgSearchResults$ctl04$chkDelete></TD>

( 2) <TD><INPUT id=SearchTDS_UA1_dgSearchResults__ctl4_chkDelete type=checkbox name=SearchTDS_UA1:dgSearchResults:_ctl4:chkDelete> </TD>

the 2nd is working fine . but the 1st one is giving an error.

I am not able ot fix thie error as i dont knwo how the id is generated for a dynamic control.

please help as soon as possible.

10/31/2008 6:40:08 AM

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