Docking controls to a web form - help needed please


With a windows application it is possible to dock and anchor controls to the form. I'm creating a web app and wish to dock and anchor webgrids, panels etc to my webform. I.e. I’ve created a masterpage (template) and want to dock a webgrid to the bottom of it so every webform i create that is based on it has a docked webgrid at the bottom of the webform. 

I've tried using the following (I’m using Infragisitics controls but have tried it with VS web controls with no success):

UltraWebGrid1.Dock = Dockstyle.bottom

I realise that both dock and anchor are members of the "System.Windows.Forms" namespace but is ther an equivalent for the "System.Web.UI.Page" namespace? If not, how do you go about docking or anchoring web controls from the toolbox onto webforms please?

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