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Like on I want to have different themes on my site. With a single mouseclick a user should be able to alter the page layout (without posting back).
Therefore I want to change the class of certain divs on my page. But the id's of these divs are different on all pages.
e.g. on the friends  page they are:

<div id="friends" class="layout_red"></div>
<div id="overview" class="layout_red"></div>

etc. I dont want to have javascript that differs on each page.

What I want is: a cookie that determines which color the user has selected, e.g. in cookie: 'orange'
Then with unobtrusive javascript replace all classes for the divs that have a class with "layout_" in their name and replace that with "layout_orange".

Would that be the quickest/advised way to go?

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I would advice you to use external css files. Name the file as your theme name, like red.css. When a user want an other theme, you change the reference of to that css file, like red.css -> blue.css. In this case you don't have to change all the id's and classes.

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You should use themes for this. The themes are made for this purpose only


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How would you change the included stylesheet with javascript then? And if I change it, will it be visible without postback?


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I don't know if this is possible without postback.

Here is a link with postback:

Here is a link without postback (but not with external css files, if i'm right):

Hope this helps!

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document.getElementById('DivID').className = 'NewClassName';

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