Assign onclick event dynamically

I have a JS function that assigns onclick to an HTML IMG tag. It saw some information about IE Vs. non-IE implementation.

My code (else part) doesn't work. So FF/Safari/Chrome don't work. Please share your ideas if you can.


    if (BrowserDetect != null && BrowserDetect.browser.indexOf("Explorer") != -1) {
        $get('imgPrevAlert').onclick = 'jsFnPrevAlert(\'' + aStrUserDBID + '\',\'' + aStrUsername + '\');';
        $get('imgNextAlert').onclick = 'jsFnNextAlert(\'' + aStrUserDBID + '\',\'' + aStrUsername + '\');';
    else {
        //None of the following two approaches work        
        //$get('imgPrevAlert').onclick = function() { jsFnPrevAlert(aStrUserDBID, aStrUsername); };
        //$get('imgNextAlert').onclick = function() { jsFnNextAlert(aStrUserDBID, aStrUsername); };
        $get('imgPrevAlert').onclick = new Function("jsFnPrevAlert('" + aStrUserDBID + "','" + aStrUsername + "');");
        $get('imgNextAlert').onclick = new Function("jsFnNextAlert('" + aStrUserDBID + "','" + aStrUsername + "');");    
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this is worth a look


Liam Mcmullen
5/4/2009 10:00:10 PM

These are not server-side image controls. They are plain HTML img tags. So the link you suggested won't help. Thanks anyway.

5/4/2009 10:16:18 PM

if you add the runat = "server "  and give the HTML  img tage an ID then you can access them from the code behind.

with somthing like


img1.Attributes.Add("onmouseover", "javascriptFunctionName();")


hope this  helps.



Liam Mcmullen
5/4/2009 10:21:41 PM

I can't make them server-side.

5/4/2009 10:36:01 PM
5/4/2009 10:53:58 PM

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