.net com interop

I know this is the wrong venue but I have looked everywhere and I am getting nowhere. Im not a client side fan, but I have no choice in this case. Heres what I want to do:

Create a .net dll with com interop checked.
I then want to access that dll with client with script.
I also want to use "on demand download" style object
for example the way gotdotnet works by installing that cab file:
another example is from a reporting tool we use called active reports for .net
they have a cab file and you place this code in the html and it downloads and gets it reg.
now - ? - how do you create that cab file and get the job off my desk?
I have downloaded MS Cab SDK stuff but cant seem to get the cab to be a valid cab file..
I have created a testdll and I can access it using
TestObj = CreateObject("Testdll.TestCom")
but thats not the ticket
I would like the cab and this format:
<OBJECT id="arv" codeBase="arview2.cab#version=2,0,0,1202" classid="clsid:8569D715-FF88-44BA-8D1D-AD3E59543DDE"></OBJECT>
Anyone have even a descent place to point me to?
I know its the wrong forum but theres some hyper active brainstems here.
thanks in advance!!!!!
5/7/2004 8:21:05 PM
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Unforgivable: LOL

not 1 minute after I posted this I was like DUH, sometimes you need to define the problem
to solve it but just sometimes the rest is a turkey shoot.
5/7/2004 8:54:16 PM

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