dataadapter UpdateAd method not updating new fields added to xsd


 I am using the classified kit for a new projects at work and have run into a problem that is really eating into my time now.

 I have added new fields and gone ethrough the process of updating the Ads.xsd with the new parameters in the adapter methods etc.

The regenerated data adapter code regenerates the UpdateAd method with all the new parameters but when called is not updating the values back to the database! However I added some fields to the Ads.xsd previously and it is working for these fields!?! I did notice that these previous fields have been added to the data adapter "Update" (not UpdateAd) method whereas my new fields have not. I presume that is why the update is not working for my new fields. Anyone any ideas why the "Update method" is not including my new fields? (Help ... my nuts are on the line here!!!)

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Did you update the parameters at the bottom of the editad page?

such as:


<asp:Parameter Name="original_Id" Type="Int32" />

<asp:ProfileParameter Type="Int32" Name="memberId" PropertyName="MemberId" />

<asp:Parameter Type="String" Name="title"></asp:Parameter>

<asp:Parameter Type="String" Name="description"></asp:Parameter>

<asp:Parameter Type="Decimal" Name="price"></asp:Parameter>

<asp:Parameter Type="String" Name="location"></asp:Parameter>

When I went through mine I forgot that part at first.

If that's not it I just want to clarify on the Ads.xsd file, you changed the code in it, right not just adding the columns.

code like:


<DbCommand CommandType="StoredProcedure" ModifiedByUser="False">



<Parameter AllowDbNull="True" AutogeneratedName="" DataSourceName="" DbType="Int32" Direction="ReturnValue" ParameterName="@RETURN_VALUE" Precision="10" ProviderType="Int" Scale="0" Size="4" SourceColumnNullMapping="False" SourceVersion="Current">


<Parameter AllowDbNull="True" AutogeneratedName="" DataSourceName="" DbType="Int32" Direction="Input" ParameterName="@Id" Precision="10" ProviderType="Int" Scale="0" Size="4" SourceColumn="Id" SourceColumnNullMapping="False" SourceVersion="Current">


<Parameter AllowDbNull="True" AutogeneratedName="" DataSourceName="" DbType="Int32" Direction="Input" ParameterName="@MemberId" Precision="10" ProviderType="Int" Scale="0" Size="4" SourceColumn="MemberId" SourceColumnNullMapping="False" SourceVersion="Current">


<Parameter AllowDbNull="True" AutogeneratedName="" DataSourceName="" DbType="String" Direction="Input" ParameterName="@Title" Precision="0" ProviderType="NVarChar" Scale="0" Size="100" SourceColumn="Title" SourceColumnNullMapping="False" SourceVersion="Current">


If you did those two major things already and the code for the .xsd file is in the same order for your new columns

as it is for each section, ie insert, update, relist . . .

Then list in detail what files you changed, and I'll tell you what you left out.


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Also if you didn't notice the Ads.xsd file has two sections for udate ad.

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6/27/2007 10:23:54 PM

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