Req: Source code for "Pro .Net 2.0 Extreme Programming"

This is the Apress book, ISBN 1590594800, by Greg Pearman and James Goodwill.

If you know whether the source code has ever been made available then please tell me so.

It would be nice to have the source for this so I can compare my solution to theirs.


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Go to the link

Normally Apress provides all the source code for all chapters.

But here i can see only chapter 13 and 15 source code is available.

Go to the Book Extras section in the left side and download code for those two chapters.


Something is better than nothing....right?


Happy coding

Joydeep Sen
Dotnet Developer

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I think that's all the source code anyway as the earlier chapters don't really have any programming in only that later ones. I simply didn't notice that Book Extras section.


4/7/2009 1:28:06 PM

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