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First: There is no real point to this message, it's just me ranting about something that annoyed me in the samples online. All in all I think the teams working on and css are doing a splendid job, and Atlas works well in most cases, and for most needs. However, my rent is more about some whining about details. 

Now, here is something that sort of just irked me.

The same folks who do AJAX.NET are the same folks who are doing CSS adapters. (assuming I am not mistaken on that). In any case, the image flickering on a small demo such as the ToggleButton is simply terrible:

Now, don't get me wrong, I am using ATLAS/AJAX.NET quite a bit for many things. I have also used (tried to use) the CSS Adapter kit on several things.

in the end, this control also seems like its a waste of time. It makes a nice sample I suppose.  But what the heck is all this for.... I mean, the "effect" is to change the image. The click might be the post back being ajaxified. But why even bother setting this sample up.

Sys.Application.add_init(function() {
    $create(AjaxControlToolkit.ToggleButtonBehavior, {"CheckedImageAlternateText":"Check","CheckedImageUrl":"ToggleButton_Checked.gif","id":"ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_ToggleButtonExtender1","ImageHeight":19,"ImageWidth":19,"UncheckedImageAlternateText":"UnCheck","UncheckedImageUrl":"ToggleButton_Unchecked.gif"}, null, null, $get("ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_CheckBox1"));

Here is what my custom button with mouseover outputs...

(the method ci sits in a js file downloaded once, that simply does the src change)

<input type="image" id="ctl00_imgBtn1" onMouseOver="ci(this,'/images/template/but_home_hover.gif');" onMouseOut="ci(this,'/images/template/but_home.gif');" src="" />

The end result is the same, but if I need 200 images on a page, the AJAX.NET version will make me want to shoot myself reading the source.


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Thanks for the feedback! As it happens, ToggleButton builds on top of an underlying checkbox form element (asp:CheckBox), so an existing page that is ToggleButton-ified will continue to work just fine and the form elements will continue to submit the same information. You could obviously do the same with custom controls and custom script by building on your sample above, but one of the great things Toolkit controls do for page designers is make AJAX easy for everyone to get into. It may not be for everyone, though, so feel free to mix in your own stuff as you see fit! :)

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