Specified argument was out of range of valid values. Parameter name:Value

Hi Guru's,

 Below is my problem.

I have a user control, in which I have a ajax tab control. At design time I just have the tabcontainer and depending on the id passed to the control I am generating the contents for the tab's. Basically each of the tab contains a list of items for each item a series of option buttons are presented to mark the score. 

I have set eanable view state to false for tab and all the dynamically generated radio buttons and checkbox's, and enabled autopostback to ture, when I click on any of radio button, checkbox or image button I get Specified argument was out of range of valid values. Parameter name: value, I am stuck with no clues to crack the issue.

When I dynamically create a radio button with same properties on a web form (aspx) post back happens with out any problem, but why not inside of an user control?

well my tab control is in a updatepanel which will get loaded into a content place holder. Any ideas why this error is occuring and suggestion will be of great help.

Below is the procedure from user control that creates the tab's and its contents dynamically, I read in many posts that the dynamic controls needs to be created in page_init event, but in order to create the controls I would require to read the usercontrol's property valuyes (in my case _assessmentID) which is not available, so other question are user control's properties available in page_init event of the user control?

Private Sub GenerateCompetencyTabs(ByVal aScore As AssessmentScore, ByVal assessmentID As Int32)

Dim competency As AssessmentScore.CompetencyDataTable = aScore.Competency

Dim cbs As AssessmentScore.AssessmentDataTable = aScore.Assessment

Dim bComment As AssessmentScore.BehaviourCommentsDataTable = aScore.BehaviourComments

Dim scoreType As AssessmentScore.ScoreTypeDataTable = aScore.ScoreType

For count As Int16 = 0 To competency.Rows.Count - 1

'For each competency

Dim tbl As Table = New Table()

'Generate header for the competency tab


Dim pnl As AjaxControlToolkit.TabPanel = New AjaxControlToolkit.TabPanel()

pnl.ID = competency.Rows(count)("ID")

pnl.HeaderText = competency.Rows(count)("Name")

Dim filterExpr As String = "Competency_ID=" & competency.Rows(count)("ID")

Dim cbsFiltered() As DataRow

cbsFiltered = cbs.Select(filterExpr)

'iterate thru all assessment records

For i As Int16 = 0 To cbsFiltered.Length - 1

'3 areas to fill in each assessment record

'0 -> plan of action

'1 -> Behaviour

'2 -> Scores

'3 -> comment button

Dim tblRow As TableRow = New TableRow()

For j As Int16 = 0 To 4

Select Case j

Case 0

If (cbsFiltered(i)("Assessment_Status") = 1) Then

Dim chk As CheckBox = New CheckBox

chk.ID = "chk" & cbsFiltered(i)("Competency_ID") & "|" & cbsFiltered(i)("Behaviour_ID")

chk.EnableViewState = False

chk.AutoPostBack = True

Dim plCell As TableCell = New TableCell()


plCell.VerticalAlign = VerticalAlign.Top


End If

Case 1

If (cbs.Rows(i)("Assessment_Status") = 1) Then

Dim bnCell As TableCell = New TableCell()

Dim img As Image = New Image()

img.ID = "img_inf" & cbsFiltered(i)("Behaviour_ID")

img.ImageUrl = "~/images/info.gif"

img.ToolTip = cbsFiltered(i)("Behaviour_Description")


New LiteralControl("&nbsp"))

Dim bName As Label = New Label()

bName.ID = cbsFiltered(i)("Behaviour_ID")bName.Text = cbsFiltered(i)("Behaviour_Long_Title")


bnCell.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl("&nbsp"))

Dim cImg As Image = New Image()

cImg.ID = "img_comment" & cbsFiltered(i)("Behaviour_Id")

cImg.ImageUrl = "~/Images/minus.gif"

Dim cImg_Client As String = Me.UniqueID & "$tabScore$" & cbsFiltered(i)("Competency_Id") & "$" & cImg.UniqueID

cImg_Client = cImg_Client.Replace("$", "_")

If (cbsFiltered(i)("Assessment_Status") = 1) Then

Dim behaviourComments() As DataRowDim commentsExpr As String = "Behaviour_ID=" & cbsFiltered(i)("Behaviour_ID") & " AND Assessor_ID=" & cbsFiltered(i)("Assessor_ID") & " AND Assessment_ID= " & cbsFiltered(i)("Assessment_ID")

behaviourComments = bComment.Select(commentsExpr)

'create a literal control for each comment and add it to dv

Dim dv As HtmlGenericControl = New HtmlGenericControl("Div")

If (behaviourComments.Length() >= 1) Then

dv.ID = "dv_Comment" & cbsFiltered(i)("Behaviour_Id")

Dim sCtrlName As String = Me.UniqueID & "$tabScore$" & cbsFiltered(i)("Competency_Id") & "$" & dv.UniqueID

sCtrlName = sCtrlName.Replace("$", "_")

cImg.Attributes.Add("onClick", "Collapse('" & sCtrlName & "','" & cImg_Client & "')")



End If

For c As Int16 = 0 To behaviourComments.Length() - 1

If (cbsFiltered(i)("assessment_Status") = 1) Then

Dim lc As LiteralControl = New LiteralControl()

lc.Text = " " & behaviourComments(c)("Comments") & "<br/>" & behaviourComments(c)("Assessor_Full_Name") _

& " on " & Common.ConvertToDate(behaviourComments(c)("Created_Date"), Session("Culture")) _

& "<BR/>"


End If

Next c


End If


End If

Case 2

'paint option buttons for scores

For k As Int16 = 0 To scoreType.Rows.Count - 1

Dim opt As RadioButton = New RadioButton()

opt.ID = "opt" & cbsFiltered(i)("Competency_ID") & "|" & cbsFiltered(i)("Behaviour_ID") & "|" & scoreType.Rows(k)("ID")

opt.GroupName = cbsFiltered(i)("Behaviour_ID")

opt.AutoPostBack = True

opt.EnableViewState = False

'AddHandler opt.CheckedChanged, AddressOf opt_CheckChanged

Dim scCell As TableCell = New TableCell()

If (cbsFiltered(i)("Assessment_Status") = 1 And scoreType.Rows(k)("ID") = cbsFiltered(i)("ScoreID")) Then

opt.Checked = True

End If

If (cbsFiltered(i)("Assessment_Status") = 1) Then


scCell.VerticalAlign = VerticalAlign.Top


End If


Case 3

'paint button / image for behaviour comments

If (cbsFiltered(i)("Assessment_Status") = 1) Then

Dim btnComment As ImageButton = New ImageButton()

btnComment.ID = "bComment" & cbsFiltered(i)("Behaviour_ID")

btnComment.ImageUrl = "~/images/Add_Comment.jpg"

AddHandler btnComment.Click, AddressOf btnComment_Click

'btnComment.PostBackUrl = "~/authorise/addbehaviourcomment.aspx"

Dim btnCell As TableCell = New TableCell()



End If

End Select




'same comments repeated on every tab page

Dim commentRow As TableRow = New TableRow()Dim commentCell As TableCell = New TableCell()

commentCell.ColumnSpan = scoreType.Rows.Count + 3

Dim lbl As Label = New Label()

lbl.Text = GetLocalResourceObject("lblComment")







tabScore.ActiveTabIndex = 0

End Sub

10/14/2008 10:44:12 AM
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Hi Folks,

Managed to solve it myself, On the aspx page I created the usercontrol at run time in init event of the page, whcih enabled me to set the property before the init event of the usercontrol. Then in user control I moved the code to generate the dynamic controls from page load to page init and viola every thing is working like a charm.

Thanks for taking out time to look at my post.


10/15/2008 9:24:43 AM

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