Please guide - How to create dynamic modalpopextender when clicked on dynamically created button in a dynamically created panel.


I am creating dynamic panels and each of these panels have an image and a button. I would like to show a modal popup when the button of the panel is clicked. Contents of popup depend on which button was clicked. I would sincerely appreciate if some one could guide me if this is possible with Ajax and AjaxControltoolkit.

Till now I tried to create modalpopupextended dynamically in the click event of button and page fails with an error message that TargetControl could not be found.

Please guide.

Regards & thanks



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Hi Kapil,

Unfortunately, the ModalPopup must have a TargetControlID even though you want to be able to use multiple controls to show the popup.

One solution that I have used effectively is to create a LinkButton that has style="display: none;" and make this the target control of the ModalPopup.   Then you can update the modal popup panel dynamically when any of your buttons are clicked and call Show() to make the popup visible from the server side code. If you want to do it all clientside, then you just call the JS show() method on the modal popup after you have updated your content.



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Thanks Jason, the trick works for me.

Regards & thanks again


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 i can call modalpopup show() on the server side by the using this code ModalPopupExtender1.Show(); but i want to call show() funtion of the modalpopup from the javascript from client side. i am not getting any clue how can i call show() funtion of modalpopup from javascript me explain it to me through some sample code.

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i got the answer of my question

use code given below if u want to call show() function of modalpopupextender from sever ( put this code inside any event and it will work )


and if u want to do it through javascipt use code given below

Show and Hide ModalPopupExtender from JavaScript

1) Assign a BehaviourID to the ModalPopupExtender using the BehaviourID attribute.

BehaviorID ="ModalBehaviour"

2) Use the $find method to get a handle to the Modal Popup Behaviour .

$find ("ModalBehaviour").

3) Call your hide and show methods on the acquired handle.

The Javascript would look like this:


<script language="javascript"> 

function ShowModalPopup()

function HideModalPopup()

From Link


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