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The client side webpage has textboxes displaying current information of a specific record (first name, last name, company, title,etc). This information is displayed, the issue becomes when that information is changed and the update button is clicked, how to get the value that was changed (if the text box already had a value), how to get the value if the textbox was empty. How to get the newly changed value  on the codebehind so that it can be processed through an update function. The update function is already written , the only thing that is needed is the new value in the textbox.


Added notes: each textbox has runat="server"

The textboxes are in a ajax tab container.



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The fact that it is within a TabContainer is irrelevant.  Just access it from your code-behind via


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The fact that it is within a TabContainer is irrelevant.  Just access it from your code-behind via


There is a value that is populated in the textbox when the page first opens from a database, it is once that value is changed and an update function is called. In the page code behind there is a statement

        Dim tempString As String
        Dim tempString2 As String

        tempString = txtFName.Text.ToString
        tempString2 = txtJobTitle.Text.ToString

        Debug.Print("FirstName: " + tempString)
        Debug.Print("JobTitle: " + tempString2)


The new changed value is not returned, the original value is still there....

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 The page load was being called, which is why the value was returning as the original, adding the following in the Page_Load function did the trick


If Not IsPostBack Then

  * database populating code

 end if




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Getting Textbox Value in Page Code Behind
The client side webpage has textboxes displaying current information of a specific record (first name, last name, company, title,etc). This information is displayed, the issue becomes when that information is changed and the update button is clicked, how to get the value that was changed (if the text box already had a value), how to get the value if the textbox was empty. How to get the newly changed value  on the codebehind so that it can be processed through an update function. The update function is already written , the only thing that is needed is the new value in the textb...

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