Getting error: 'TabContainer' is ambiguous in the namespace 'AjaxControlToolkit'

I'm using VB.Net 2005, ASP.Net 2.0 - In my ASP.Net code I have 

<%@ Register Assembly="AjaxControlToolkit" Namespace="AjaxControlToolkit" TagPrefix="cc1" %>

In my VB.Net I am connecting to a function that calls an RPC from COBOL - the function is working correctly (returning "0000") but I am getting an error on these lines of code:

Dim ajax_tab_container As New AjaxControlToolkit.TabContainer
Dim tabpanel_cat1 As New AjaxControlToolkit.TabPanel

Both lines are returning "Ambiguous namespace" and niether is defined in the ASP.Net code, only in the VB.Net code Behind.  Here is the complete code:  

Dim ajax_tab_container As New AjaxControlToolkit.TabContainer
        ajax_tab_container.ID = "DetTranTabContainer"
        ajax_tab_container.Height = Unit.Parse("300px")
        Dim lo_rpc_mngr As New DMVConnect.RPCManager
        Dim lo_dmv_comm As New DMVCOMM.misc_func
        Dim ls_key_txt, ls_key_txt1, ls_data_txt, ls_data_txt1 As String
        lo_rpc_mngr.ProgramName = "AZRF002A"
        lo_rpc_mngr.OriginIndicator = "W"
        lo_rpc_mngr.RequestHeaderAsArray = New String() {"", "3319".ToString, ""}

        If lo_rpc_mngr.CallRPC Then
            If lo_rpc_mngr.DCIErrorCode.Equals("0000") Then
                Dim ldt_reply_data As DataTable = lo_rpc_mngr.ReplyData
                Dim ldt_distinct_cat_1 As DataTable = lo_rpc_mngr.SelectDistinctRows(ldt_reply_data, "MSTRTRAN_CATG_1")
                Dim ldt_distinct_cat_1_2 As DataTable = lo_rpc_mngr.SelectDistinctRows(ldt_reply_data, "MSTRTRAN_CATG_1, MSTRTRAN_CATG_2")
                Dim li_indx1 As Integer = 0
                Dim li_col As Integer = 0
                For li_indx1 = 0 To ldt_distinct_cat_1.Rows.Count - 1
                    Dim tabpanel_cat1 As New AjaxControlToolkit.TabPanel
                    Dim li_row As Integer = 0
                    ls_key_txt = ldt_distinct_cat_1.Rows(li_indx1)("MSTRTRAN_CATG_1").ToString.Trim
                    ls_data_txt = lo_dmv_comm.uf_rtdata("GCA1", ls_key_txt).ToString.Trim
                    tabpanel_cat1.ID = "tabpanel_" & ls_key_txt
                    tabpanel_cat1.HeaderText = ls_data_txt
                    Dim ldr_cat2() As DataRow = ldt_distinct_cat_1_2.Select("MSTRTRAN_CATG_1 = '" & _
                        ls_key_txt & "'")
                    Dim li_indx2 As Integer = 0
                    Dim li_indx3 As Integer = 0
                    For li_indx2 = 0 To ldr_cat2.Length - 1
                        ls_key_txt1 = ldr_cat2(li_indx2)("MSTRTRAN_CATG_2").ToString.Trim
                        ls_data_txt1 = lo_dmv_comm.uf_rtdata("GCA2", ls_key_txt1).ToString.Trim
                        'ldt_display.Columns(1).Caption = ls_data_txt1
                        Dim lbl_cat2, lbl_emp As New Label
                        lbl_cat2.ID = "lbl_" & ls_key_txt1
                        lbl_cat2.Text = ls_data_txt1
                        lbl_cat2.Font.Bold = True
                        lbl_cat2.Font.Underline = True
                        lbl_emp.ID = "lbl_emp" & ls_key_txt1
                        lbl_emp.Text = "<br />"
                        Dim ldr_tran() As DataRow = ldt_reply_data.Select("MSTRTRAN_CATG_1 = '" & _
                        ls_key_txt & "' and MSTRTRAN_CATG_2 = '" & ls_key_txt1 & "'", "MSTRTRAN_DESC")
                        For li_indx3 = 0 To ldr_tran.Length - 1
                            Dim lbl_tran, lbl_emp_tran As New Label
                            lbl_tran.ID = "lbl_" & ls_key_txt & ls_key_txt1
                            lbl_tran.Text = ldr_tran(li_indx3)("MSTRTRAN_DESC")
                            lbl_emp_tran.ID = "lbl_emp" & ls_key_txt & ls_key_txt1
                            lbl_emp_tran.Text = "<br />"
            End If
        End If
    End Sub 
 Any suggestions on why I am getting an Ambiguous error?  TIA,

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Well, just for everyone's info, I got rid of the Ambiguous error by deleting my reference to the Ajax Control Toolkit and re-installing it.  I guess there has been an update to the Ajax Control Toolkit since I originally downloaded it and the person I am working with had gotten the newest version and I had not, so I removed all my references to the old version and re-installed the current version and I no longer get the Ambiguous Namespace error; however, I still can not get any of the controls to display dynamically.  This works perfectly on the other person’s machine, but not on mine.  I will keep searching to see if he has a newer version of some of the other classes as well.  Any other suggestions on how to get this to display dynamically would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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10/15/2007 6:41:53 PM

I found the problem with the Display!  I was missing 1 line of code...


Missed it at the bottom of the IF statements!  It should be:


            End If
        End If


Now it works!  Not only was I able to get rid of the "Ambiguous error" message, but I also found my missing line of code.  If anyone else has this issue (of either Ambiguous errors or dynamic content not displaying) please check that your version of the AJAX Control Toolkit is the correct/current version and also check that you have the Page.Form.Controls.Add()  in your page!

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