Ajax Tab Control inserting content from the preceding tab into the tab of focus


I am using a tab control with several tabs. In one of the tabs, I was attempting to cause a label and a dropdownlist control to become visible or invisible based upon the users selection on another dropdownlist control within the same tab. When I test the control that should make the label and the ddl visible or invisible it does succeed in displaying or hiding these two controls but the contents from the preceding tab container viewed is injected into each page of the tab control. If I navigate to the tab containing the contents being injected then to any of the other tabs previously containing the injected content the content injected is gone. It is as if there is a memory or latency issue clearing out the viewstate of the control. 

Is this a known issue? Any ideas. Here is code behind C#  

protected void PropTypeDropDownList_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        //Show or hide the CondoLevelsLabel and the CondoLevelsDropDownList if the selection is a condo
protected void FormatCondo()
        switch (PropTypeDropDownList.SelectedIndex)
            case 2:
                //If "Condo" is selected as the Property Type set the 
                //Show the CondoLevelsLabel and the CondoLevelsDropDownList.
                //Initialize the default selection to 1-4 Stories.
                ProjectTypeDropDownList.SelectedIndex = 2;
                CondoLevelsLabel.Visible = true;
                CondoLevelsDropDownList.Visible = true;
                CondoLevelsDropDownList.SelectedIndex = 1;
                //If the Property Type is anything but a Condo then hide
                //the CondoLevelsLabel and the CondoLevelsDropDownList.
                CondoLevelsLabel.Visible = false;
                CondoLevelsDropDownList.Visible = false;
                CondoLevelsDropDownList.SelectedIndex = 1;
5/19/2008 12:53:27 PM
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Hi 1bigorca,

When we set a control's Visible property to "false", it won't render anything to the client.  So we cannot find anything(the control) on the client.    In your condition, we suggest that you shall simply set the control's display property to none;  For instance,   CondoLevelsDropDownList.Style.add("display","none");  Also you can do it on client by using javascript without postback.

Best regards,


Jonathan Shen
Microsoft Online Community Support
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5/24/2008 6:15:30 AM

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