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I've been using Michael Schwarz ajax library for a while.  One thing that's nice about it is the ability to make direct server callbacks without any type of UI.  You just register the server function in server-side code, which then makes those functions available to the client.  You can send and receive data when calling the server-side functions, and call them synchronously or asynchronously.  Is there a way to do this easily with ajax?  I looked through the docs for a while, but didn't see anything readily.


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Use Webservices together with JSON, it is really cool. Just mark your webservice as <Microsoft.Web.Script.Services.ScriptService()> and register it in your ScriptManager, you can then access the methods using JavaScript asynchronously without using the UpdatePanel.

I would recommend you to read this article


Good luck! 

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Use Webservices together with JSON, it is really cool. Just mark your webservice as <Microsoft.Web.Script.Services.ScriptService()> and register it in your ScriptManager, you can then access the methods using JavaScript asynchronously without using the UpdatePanel.

I would recommend you to read this article

Thanks much Viktor; I'll take a look at the article.

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