Refreshing the Master page Menu from content page


       I'm having menu control on the master page, and after button click from the content page I want to refresh the master page control.

 after button click the master page menu control is refreshing but, changes not reflected in the menu control.

The changes are reflected when user refresh the page.



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As per I can guess, you are performing some operation (may be Menu Item Editing) on button click event.
After button click, the page is not being refreshed, it's just the PostBack. So, the masterpage menuitems won't change as the button click has not been fired yet.
Just do one thing which will make all your problems solved. Just redirect to the same page at buttonclick event after performing your operation in that click event.

private void btnCheck_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    \\your code
With Regards,
Prodipta Mondal.

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        right now I'm doing the same thing, but I want to know is there any other way to refresh the menu control from content page.



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