Prevent child elements from firing parent element 'onclick' event

This question does not appear to be directly related to the Ajax Client framework. However, I am asking it here because a) there is actually heavy use of Ajax in the real life issue, but it is not necessary to explain this to illustrate the problem and b) it is JavaScript related, and where better to find an answer to such a question than on this forum, with so many hardcore JavaScript experts visiting?

So, I hope you'll forgive the apparently off-topic nature of this post.


I have made the rows of a Gridview clickable. I have a hidden 'Select' button in each row, and in the code behind RowDataBound event I steal the JavaScript from this button and apply it as an 'onclick' attribute for the entire row.

In the resulting HTML, there is a TR element generated for each Gridview row. This TR element has the 'onclick' attribute, containing the necessary JavaScript to do a row 'Select' postback. If I now click anywhere in the TR element (i.e. anywhere in the Gridview row), the 'onclick' event is fired and a 'Select' postback occurs.

This is exactly what I want to happen, except for one instance. One of the Gridview row Cells (which corresponds to a TD element in the resulting markup) contains an <asp:HyperLink> control. When the user clicks on this HyperLink, a new window opens as it should. However, the 'onclick' event for the entire row also fires and the Gridview row ends up being selected.

As the <A HREF> element resulting from the HyperLink control is within the TR element which has the 'Select' onclick attribute, this onclick event is fired. I want to know how I can stop this.

To put it succinctly:
- I have a TR element with an 'onclick' attribute.
- I have an <A HREF> within the DOM hierarchy descending from the TR element.
- How can I stop the TR element 'onclick' attribute firing when I click on the <A HREF> link?

I've tried setting the 'onclick' event of the <A HREF> element to nothing, but it makes no difference.

A solution I have found is to replace the HyperLink control with a LinkButton control. I give the LinkButton an 'onclick' attribute which does a '' with the appropriate link. So the resulting behaviour is just like the HyperLink. But using a LinkButton involves a postback (albeit a dummy postback which does nothing at all other than reload the page), which wastes server resources and bandwidth. I could whack the LinkButton into an UpdatePanel to minimise this, but it still seems like overkill to me. And it would mean an UpdatePanel for each Gridview row, which is a lot of extra script for so simple a purpose.

So... any thoughts on this would be very much appreciated.


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You should just be able to cancel the "bubble" event... see

The code you want is in the section "Turning it off":

 if (!e) var e = window.event;
e.cancelBubble = true;
if (e.stopPropagation) e.stopPropagation();


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Thank you very much. That is exactly the information I was looking for. I have to say, the more I find out about JavaScript the more impressed I am with it.

As well as solving the issue I had that is a very interesting read and I've bookmarked it for future reference.

Thanks again for your help, much obliged...

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Sorry to raise the dead on this post, but I was hoping thats someone could help me zero-in on a similar issue:

I have some javascript that is programmatically creating an HTML <input> element within the aspx <Form> tag.  The javascript is handling a onkeypress event of that <input> element, and populating another textarea with some text returned by a web service.  By the way, all of this works fine, when the javascript is OUTSIDE of the <Form>.  However, when inside the aspx <Form> take, a postback is fired whenever I press Enter when inside the <Input> element.  To be precise, the javascript handler fires first, and then the postback happens.

I'm trying to figure out how to prevent bubbling to to the <Form>, to stop the postback in this case.  I've tried the example above, but so far I've not been able to locate the correct place in the DOM to put the "stop bubbling" event handler.

Help appreciated.


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