Page_Init, IsPostBack is always false

Do you guys experience Page.IsPostBack is always false in Page_Init, but works correctly in Page_Load?  I posted such over in the ASP.NET forum, and they were all like, get serious.  I am wondering if installing the Ajax extensions modified the way that property is managed on a web server.  It is always false during OnInit.  I even built a sample page/project containing no Ajax, same behavior.  Again, it works beautifully in Page_Load.
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I try to simulate your problem using following code:


using System;
using System.Web.UI;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls;

public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page
	protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e)
		Write("OnInit: IsPostBack = " + IsPostBack);

	protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)
		Write("OnLoad: IsPostBack = " + IsPostBack);

	protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
		Write("Page_Load: IsPostBack = " + IsPostBack);

	protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e)
		Write("Page_Init: IsPostBack = " + IsPostBack);

	private void Write(string str)
		Response.Write(str + "<br>");

	protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
		Write("Button click");

All works fine, and meets my expectations. The post back mode is determined in method DeterminePostBackMode, which can be overriden. The sequence is:

  1. DeterminePostBackMode
  2. OnInit
  3. OnLoad
  4. ....

Do you have DeterminePostBackMode method overriden in your code?

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