How to sense changing size of control with Ajax/Javascript and using javascript affect things inside that control

I'm not much of a javascript wizard (yet) so I'm struggling here.

My scenario is I have a master page that of course has a content area.  As the content area changes size (from the user either changing the browser size or just opening) I want to get notified in javascript so I can change things inside the control itself.  Like, say for example I just want to have a circle inside the content area and I want to be able to change the position of the circle so it stays centered.

Am I clear?  If not I can explain some more.

Thanks for any help on this.

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The scenario you describe doesn't need javascript.  If you set the width of your content area to 100%, it will expand to fill whatever space the containing element on the master pages allows.  You just need to apply text-align: center; to the content area.

Or is your requirement a bit more complex than that? 

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Do you mean by doing this:  (it does not seem to help)

<script type="text/javascript">

new agHost("WpfeControlHost", // DIV tag id.

"WpfeControl", // WPF/E control id.

"100%", // Width of rectangular region of WPF/E control in pixels.

"100%", // Height of rectangular region of WPF/E control in pixels.

null, // Background color of rectangular region of WPF/E control.

null, // SourceElement property value.

"Templates/EmptyTemplate.xaml", // Source property value.

"false", // WindowlessMode property value.

"30", // MaxFrameRate property value.

"onError"); // OnError property value -- notice use of single quotes.

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Is it the control you want to center?  If so, put it in a parent div and set the parent to 100% width with text-align: center; 

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you can add a event handler to onsize of body

<body onsize="JS_OnSize()">

write your JS_OnSize function

function JS_OnSize()
    document.getElementById("ContainerId").width .. height ...

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How could I get to onsize in a masterpage situation?
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