Getting data without refreshing the page - can .Net make this easier?


I want to be able to retrieve some data from a database when an object is clicked on the web page, but I don't want to refresh the page.  When I used to use ASP I would use a hidden IFRAME (to do a hidden post) or even RDS (if I felt brave!).  However, I have seen some .net sites that seem to handle this in a far more graceful way.

Not sure if the answer is actually AJAX and not through a .NET.


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You can use the AJAX.NET framework or you use your own javascript libaries but it is done through javascript calls.

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You are looking for the UpdatePanel control.


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Actually it seems to me that you should use a ScriptService, if you are only retrieving data.

If you are updating any webcontrols based on the data you retrieve, then I would recommend an UpdatePanel.


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hi MattLuckham,

there are different ways to do this.

yes AJAX is also an option but if you dont want to go for AJAX then ASP.NET 2.0 has another option script call back .

so two options :

1) using script callback

2) using AJAX update panel for partial refresh .

3) using traditional JAVAscript method

Both of these ways has there own pros and cons so depending on the application need you have to select the better option.

IF you can provide details about platform you are using and the applicaiton scenario can give you some suggestion  


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