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Hi all

Not too sure if this is covered else where? Does the Ajax Tab control have a display on demand method?

I want to display customer details on an Ajax Tab UI, I could do this with a custom tab but would like to use the MS Ajax framework where possible.

The tabs need to include the following:

tab 1: Customer Summary/Details

tab 2: Customer Contacts

tab 3: Customer Orders/History

and so forth...

My issue is, I don't quite know how to do this as each tab accesses a different DataSource/Stored Procedure to bring back the results. I obviously want to write this in a "best practices" way and therefore avoid long loading times etc... Any help would be greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

David Winchester

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8/21/2007 9:35:37 AM
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8/21/2007 12:29:17 PM

Thanks Damian, I'll give it a go.

David Winchester

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8/21/2007 6:02:48 PM

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