Performing File Upload using update panel and update progress

 Hi guys

I'm totally new to ajax, and Im using vs2005 and ajax 1 with .net 2.0

I've created a form for my application that allows a user to upload a file to a database. The form contains a fileupload, a button (that invokes the insert) and a repeater that lists all the files currently stored. This works great.

Now I want to use ajax to display an 'uploading...' message and animation to displaye while the file is being uploaded. Depending on the file, uploading can take quite a while, and I wanted to include some feedback to the user to let them know what's happening. I've gone through the ajax tutorial videos on getting started and using update panels etc, as well as on the update progress feature. I cnat seem to get it to work.

I first placed the repeater inside the update panel, and set up a trigger for my upload button. This didnt work. I've tried including all my controls inside the update panel, some in some out, and a few different combinations. Files are no longer uploading, (when I'm including update panels) and the update progress does nothing.

Can anyone give me a few pointers on where I should be placing the update panel, and which of my controls should go inside for both my normal functionality and my progress to work properly.

Thanks in advance

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You're not going to be able to do that easily.  The only way to provide async file uploads is to put the upload element in an iframe.  Unless you use a PostbackTrigger to force a full postback, it won't work in an UpdatePanel, by design.

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 thanks for your reply. I've already applied a Postback trigger, which of course allows the upload, but takes away the functionality of the aysnc postback and the update prorgress. This means I may as well stick with what I had before. All I really want is some feedback while the file is being uploaded. Clearly it's not as simple as I thought!!! Thanks for the link, that was helpful. How would I go about using an iframe in the manner you mention? Thanks

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You just place the upload element in an iframe that's sized to inconspicuously contain it.  So, then it appears that the upload happens asynchronously.

However, that method won't get you any closer to an upload progress indicator, unfortunately.   

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 ah right, thanks anyway

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