Need Help on AJAX

Hi Friends,

I am new for ASP.NET technology though i am not new in IT Field. I used to work out on Desktop Based Application. My company deals in ERP & SAP and now switching to Web development also.

 Tell me how should i get the step by step help to learn the AJAX. I know little bit of I tried one example of Animation through Ajax Control Toolkit.

 But I am facing the problem in animation of this control. as the intellisence is not comming in code pane. and there is no help how to use these controls. Only there is an example. but don't have any explanation on properties and attributes of these controls.

Is there any help to come out of it..... Geeked


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check this link

Basicaly you need to install ASPAJAXExtSetup.msi. Once installed, you open Visual Studio, click File new website, and then u'll have the option to select between the templates "ajax enabled website". Then you copy paste samples from the control toolkit sample , and it works right away. very simple.

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This is ok for me. I know this. and I am trying to use animation control of AJAX. Let us take an example.

<cc1:AnimationExtender ID="OpenAnimation" runat="server" TargetControlID="cmdSubmit">



                            <Sequence AnimationTarget="cmdSubmit">

                            <StyleAction Attribute="overflow" Value="hidden"/>

                            <Parallel Duration=".3" Fps="15">

                            <Scale ScaleFactor="0.05" Center="true" ScaleFont="true" FontUnit="px" />

                             <FadeOut />


               <StyleAction Attribute="display" Value="none"/>

               <StyleAction Attribute="width" Value="250px"/>

               <StyleAction Attribute="height" Value=""/>

               <StyleAction Attribute="fontSize" Value="12px"/>

               <OpacityAction AnimationTarget="cmdSubmit" Opacity="0" />

                <EnableAction AnimationTarget="cmdSubmit" Enabled="true" />





See the Bold Text. I have taken this from example given in site. But my question is how should i know the the behavior of these keywords like fade opacityaction, StyleAction, Seqence, e.t.c. Because I don't like to do copy-paste  operation. I would like to learn these keywords. As these keywords belongs to Animation Control only. It may varry from control to control. Then how should I guess other keywords which is used in other AJAX Controls.

 Hope This will help u to understand me....

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