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Dear Friends I have already completed my C# web project and now I have decided that few of the pages needs to be redesign with AJAX to minimise page flickering. Now the point is I was using C# vs2005 and yesterday have installed AJAX part with vs2005 platform. Hope there will be no isses for modifying few pages with Ajax compatible pages from existing web project. Hope there is no need to create a fresh web project with AJAX enabled web site. Please confirm and thanx again 


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you obviously didn't choose the AJAX template to start your project with so you'll need to put the needed parts in the web.config to make ASP.NET AJAX work. Take a look at this article: Another technique can be to create a new project based on the ASP.NET AJAX template and copy over the needed parts of the web.config (tools like winmerge can be handy).

You also need to put a scriptmanager control on your pages, or even better, use a master page so you only have to configure the scriptmanager only once.

Grz, Kris.

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Thanx Boss for the fantastic link.

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